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Elevating the Customer Experience

We built Minerva to successfully deliver positive outcomes by establishing an empathetic and data-driven connection between customers and agents for every interaction no matter how complex the problem.

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Our goal is to transform each interaction into a customer experience driven engagement and every agent into a brand ambassador on day one

How does minerva elevate customer experience

Before the contact


Continuously learn from past interactions and journeys

Respond to customers proactively and with tailored solutions

During the contact


Provide the best possible experience

Track sentiment and emotion

Provide optimal path to resolution in real-time


Assist thrugh the conversation

After the contact


Happy customer with fast resolution

Evaluate the CSAT and NPS scores on 100% of contacts


Reduced after call work

Adherence to brand compliance

Tailor additional training based on performance

Track agent development

We are committed to delivering out-of-the-box ML models on day zero so that we can onboard any client within 14 days.

We focus on these three verticals:




“Bad luck, good luck, who knows?”

It all started when one of our founders lost his job (bad luck).
Having been working on advanced ML models to elevate the customer experience, he felt that none of the current solutions in the market addressed the problem to a level of satisfaction.
So we decided to build Minerva, the solution to our vision of elevating the customer experience no matter how complex the problem was (good luck).
We spent countless hours talking with contact center agents, managers, supervisors and interviewing prospective clients before we even wrote a single line of code.
So, at our core is the “understanding of the problem” from a business perspective combined with our deep technical knowledge on how ML/AI can be strategically used to build a state-of-the-art solution.
With the help and trust of our initial clients, we have shaped Minerva. The team behind Minerva is committed to making it the leading solution in the customer experience space.

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